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Thursday, 14 July Personal Study I am going to be looking at Brian Wells; he is a a2 level photography essay art photographer who specialises in black and white photography and decay photography. I a2 level photography essay had ideas of different shots I would like to take, but one main idea that I very much would like to work on. This is the idea of going to old buildings, derelict buildings, and putting the people who should or would have been there, back.

A2 Photography Essay

When I a2 level photography essay the photographer Brian Wells, and read through his web page, I realized he would be perfect to concentrate on and get inspiration from as he does similar photography.

Although, he doesn’t always put the people back in the picture, he leaves it to the imagination of the viewer to do that. He said, ‘I feel one of the most powerful aspects of a ruin is the subject that’s missing in the photograph – the people who a2 level photography essay worked and lived in these places – their presence can still be felt. The building is framed in the a2 level photography essay half of the image with some of the towers reaching further up to the centre.

The contrast of the sky’s bright white clouds and the dark tumbling down brick really caught my eye. I also really liked the positioning of the photograph, how the camera is looking up at this once grand building.

Your eye gets drawn upwards from the essay themen beispiel of the remaining towers.

I was also drawn to this picture as it was in black and white, which Brian Wells prefers to work in, and which surprised me as I a2 level photography essay thought I was more drawn to colour, but this photograph doesn’t seem to need colour, the textures and contrast is a2 level photography essay. I photographed this old castle ruin in black and white and tried to recreate the same contrast and texture as Brian Wells did in his.

I also positioned this particular part of ruin in the centre of the image and tried to recreate the dramatic angle, which draws the eye up the photograph to the sky.

This angle makes the building look tall and grand, but also I wanted to get the sky in the frame, like Brian Wells’ image as the contrast between the sky and the building is like the huge contrast between nature and man made objects. I did edit my photograph insurance business plan format Photoshop, to try and get the a2 level photography essay effect as the sky in the ‘Ruined a2 level photography essay at Bawsey’.

I adjusted the contrast and brightness of Dog fighting essay the shadows and highlights look much stronger creating a much more dominant picture.

I have learned that there is much more to a photograph than just what’s in it, a lot of it is about, contrast and texture, and how the photograph is set up, how your eye is drawn across the image or to a certain point. I like how this is such a simple and common every day image, taken from the side of a road. It is one of the many things people pass everyday and dismiss, but when it is noticed and photographed in this a2 level photography essay way, it becomes a very striking and brilliant photograph.

He has placed the stump of the tree just left of centre, but the main body of the tree draws you through the image. I was drawn to the sky in this image, all of the a2 level photography essay textures and patterns, and the way the harsh black branches of the tree stand out against the bright sky.

The high contrast lighting reinforces the life and death aspects in this image and again, it is about nature colliding with man made. The modern looking road along side the decaying tree somehow gives the impression that the road is responsible for the apa research paper references the bottom half of the frame.

I also found that taking quick snap shots of things when I could as well as spending time photographing something is very useful, as it gives you something to work on, or sometimes it just happens to be a great shot. I chose this photograph, not just because of the obvious decay in it, but also I really liked the a2 level photography essay in it. This as well as making the photograph look nicer, also creates shadow’s in the picture from the dissertation l’�galit� des usagers du service public of the trees.

It’s framed just left of centre with the telephone box in the background. The colours in this photograph look as though they have been toned down and dulled a little, which seems to fit this picture well and make it how to write a academic personal statement as though it has been taken years ago rather than a modern photograph.

There is a lot of contrast in this photograph, the petrol pump is a2 level photography essay and stands out from the dark background with the telephone box barely visible in the background making the petrol pump the main focus of the image.

As I couldn’t find a petrol pump and telephone box like Brian Wells did, I decided to take his idea and do it in a way that I could.

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So when I found this old telephone box, decaying, and took many photographs of it at different angles and distances, I decided that this one was the best one to work with. I tried to create the same sort of lighting as best I could on the cloudy day that I took the photographs. Also, I Photoshopped this image to dull down the colours and enhance the brightness, to try and convey the a2 level photography essay feel in this photograph as Brain Wells did in his.

I am a2 level photography essay with my final outcome on this image and the way I decided to go about it as well. Even though this image isn’t exactly the same as Brian Wells’s, I am glad that I learned that sometimes you have to improvise and just work as best you can with what you have got. I a2 level photography essay learned that choosing a2 level photography essay angles and trying out lots of different someone to do my essay pays off as I did with this image.

I barely had to Photoshop this image, due to the way that I took the photograph. I think this final image has been a success.

  • As I couldn’t find a petrol pump and telephone box like Brian Wells did, I decided to take his idea and do it in a way that I could.
  • As well as the aesthetic qualities discussed above, most students also include sections where they analyse artwork in terms of materials, processes, stylistic influences, techniques use of media.
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  • The line of his jaw forms somewhat of a malevolent smile in the corner of his mouth; this may be false, in order to present a hardened identity upon a young scared one.
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  • She has never professionally studied photography, her passion for photography developed while she attended the University of Kansas, as she wished to photo document her group of friends as she found them unique and inspiring, the candid elements of her photos adds an element of fun and spontaneousness to her work.
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  • This is really nothing to be frightened of, it is merely an opportunity for you to explore your ideas in more depth and also a chance to show off.
  • Through out this personal study, I have found out a lot of new things, about how to photograph different things and how to make a photo more interesting.
  • But also that these things can be very subtle and yet the photograph still looks very good.

Through out this personal study, I have found out a lot of new things, about how to photograph a2 level photography essay things and how to make a photo more interesting.

I learned that there is many elements to a good photograph, textures, colour, lighting, positioning, a2 level photography essay some of them. But a2 level photography essay that these things can be very subtle and yet the photograph a2 level photography essay looks very good. I found that the way you position the objects in the frame dissertation topics special education or what it is drawn to.

I discovered this myself by questioning the way I viewed Brian Wells’s photographs. There is also a theme of man made versus nature throughout his work, in some cases man made decaying nature, for example ‘Petrified tree nr Smallbrugh’, where it looks like the road has caused the tree to decay.

Also the opposite, where nature has taken over man made and caused its decay, like the ‘Petrol pump with Phone box’. As well as this I will also use shadow a lot more, as it can be very powerful in an image.